FOREWORD by EDISON S. CHAM, President/CEO, ECTK Group of Companies

Allow me to give a brief overview of what ECTK Integrated Security Group is. Forerunner of the group was CTK Inc., established in 1992, to engage in the design and application of armored protection components for private vehicles. Eventually, because of expansion in the manufacture of purposely-built armored vehicles for secured transport requirements of the banking industry and finding ourselves faced with serving 80% of the total domestic demand for armored transport vehicles from banks and security agencies in the country, the decision to split and form a new company, separate from CTK, Inc., materialized. Three armored transport service companies, the LeaseMaster Transport Corporation, Armored Transport Plus, Incorporated and Fortress Armoured Transport Inc.; five security agencies, Mandarin Security Services, Inc., Royal Mandarin Security Services Corporation, Total Security Services, Sterling Security Services and ELU Security and Investigation Agency; a non-security personnel recruiting arm- Skills Experts Manpower and Allied Services, two cash management companies- Cash Tech Systems and ECTK Solutions, Inc. which managed to become a “Bancnet” member deploying in the process its own ATMs in strategic locations of the metropolis under its ec-cash system, one speed delivery firm, the Speed Master, Unlimited and a firing range under the Mandarin Gun Club were established in ensuing years and were then individually conglomerated under the umbrella of ECTK Integrated Security Group, headed by yours truly. Design and production of armored transport units and progressively, privately-owned SUVs are being carried out by its Production Division.

Having now a captured market of banks and financial establishments, ECTK Integrated Security Group shifted its focus into other kinds of services it can provide to the banks collaterally to the existing ones- Cash Management System, doing ATM loading, client deposit-pickups, bill payments retrieval and processing, cash counting, sorting, bundling and consolidation, so much so, that we have to maintain a separate fleet of armored units with security components, fix and mobile cash centers and a number of professional people knowledgeable in cash management functions. Expanding further in the cash management field, the ECTK Solutions, Inc. managed to become a “Bancnet” member deploying in the process its own ATMs in strategic locations of the metropolis under its ec-cash system.

At present, only less than handful of companies in the Philippines can truly claim to have the capability to deliver professional armored transport and cash management services at par with international standards. The leading provider for such services is the ECTK Integrated Security Group being the largest in the country with seven hundred (700) armored units, including back-up vehicles and two thousand eight hundred (2,800) personnel as of this writing, and belonging to the Philippines’ top 3,000 corporations.

Thank you.